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cunt-gratz > you.

wow I’m glad you said no offense before insulting me, really cleared things up

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why why why

why would you even

what is wrong with people


is your name wifi???????

cos i can feel the connection

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  • When someone walks slower than me: omfg your slow ass is clogging up the hallway for the rest of us put some pep in your step grandma
  • When someone walks faster than me: jesus christ are you on the run from the police this isn't a race you can tone it down usain bolt
  • When someone walks at the same pace as me: who gave your creepy ass permission to walk with me get the fuck away before I call the cops
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tumblr can limit my posts, but they’ll never limit my swag


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  • people: you're ugly
  • me: what is wrong with you how dare you say such things my feelings are hurt
  • people: you're pretty
  • me: lol someone needs to get their eyes checked
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